My Grandmother – “Aunt Jesse” – Recording Star

Starting in the late 1940s and up till the early 60s, my Grandmother – Jesse Rofheart – used to produce one-off 78RPM records for children’s birthdays … which seemed amazing to kids back then … of course even toddlers today make their own recordings. Here is a recording I just got my hands on and […]

DNA says I am 2% Central African & 2% South American Native – NPE!

After much research, it seems to me that I probably descend from a mulatto solider in Dutch Brazil. My DNA from 2 major companies both show about 1% to 2% South American native. My three youngest kids’ tests on ancestryDNA all show 1% South American and one of the kid’s ethnicity estimate at My Heritage […]

I descend from the 2nd Governor of the Maryland Colony!

Recently I discovered that I am descended from the 2nd Governor of the Maryland Colony,  Thomas Francis Greene,  one of the “twenty gentlemen of very good fashion” who sailed from England to Maryland on the Ark in 1634, and was a founder of the Colony. The two ships, the Ark and the Dove carried the first two hundred […]

W.O. JONES: Welsh Farm-Boy to American Industrialist

Born in 1837, William Owen Jones my 2nd Great Grandfather immigrated to America from Wales between 1856 and 1859, and settled in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he was employed as an apprentice boilermaker. In 1860 he was Naturalized and became an American citizen. He married Ruth Jones (her birth name) in 1866. She was also from Wales and had been […]

Born in Brazil: Margarietja Polhemus – my 8th Great Grandmother

My 8th great-grandmother Margarietje Polhemus was born in 1642 in‪ Itamaracá‬, Pernambuco State, Brazil and died in 1702 in Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York. Her father Dominie Johannes Theodores Polhemius was a Minister of the Dutch Reformed Church in Holland and in 1637 he was part of the Dutch migration to Brazil, taking over the Colony of Recife from the […]

First Blog Post….First Child Born in New Netherland…Sarah Rapalje

Since this is my first post I thought I would start by writing about my 9th Great Grandmother, Sarah Rapalje, the first European child born in New Netherland. She was born at what would become Albany, New York on July 9, 1625, and died in New Amsterdam in 1685, by then known as New York City. Her parents […]